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The Fish And The Chip

What’s red, white and blue and has the smell of fish and chips coming out of it?

No, its not Superman’s lunchbox.

It’s the new restaurant bought to you by Maiyango.

The Fish And The Chip.

And you may be asking what IS red, white and blue about this restaurant?

Well, well, well. Let me tell you.

Or better yet just have a look at the photo. They say a picture speaks a thousands words and this one certainly does.

As you will see there is a great big union jack on the front of the building. I think many thoughts cross your mind when you look upon the building.

The owner, Aatin, really has some balls to make the decision to put the union jack on the front of the building.

But lets back track for a second.

The other month I visited Hotel Maiyango for their closing down tasting menu. They were putting on the best of the best before launching their new concept (which is more than just a Union Jack, honestly).

Overall I gave a quality review as the food was good, the decor was tasteful (think, lots of wood) and the service was perfect.

I thought that it would be rude not to go back once they had launched their new concept and see if they can impress me again.

So we fast forward to the night where it was round two with Mr Maiyango and his team to see what culinary delights they had on offer.

As I am a follower of Hotel Maiyango on Instagram I had seen sneak previews of what the new concept was about.


I had seen the front of the restaurant. And also had a thousands opinions lol. I also knew that it was fish and chips on the menu.

I have done a review of fish and chips before, when I went to the Cricketts Inn and I wasn’t that impressed so hopefully I was on to a winner here.

But back to the thought on everyone’s mind. The Union Jack.

It sure has got people talking.

The Leicester Mercury has picked up the story. Of course it has. How can you not make a story out of this!

Aatin has definitely gone all out in the courageous moves category. I think that it is a stark reminder that with all the appalling events that have been happening, this is a piece of art saying that we aren’t alone and that united as one, we can over come any challenges.

I also think that it is a brilliant piece of marketing that will draw many passerbys eyes.

At least you haven’t got chance of missing the restaurant any more like I did last time. To be honest I think that was just me being a moron.

Enough of the Union Jack for now.

This isn’t a Craig Speaks About Flags website is it.

In case you were thinking, the interior of the restaurant isn’t a big Union Jack.

The colour scheme in the place was really vibrant.

They had salmon pink on the walls and a pastral blue on the ceiling.


Interior - The Fish And The Chip


Who ever decided the colour scheme deserves some brownie points.

They had ripped all the old seatings, the booths, all the wood and opened the place up allowing more space for all us diners to enjoy a bite to eat.

What was once a hideaway in Leicester has fully opened its door, making it a place where you can walk in and grab some lunch or a spot of dinner.


I was taken to my seat to see what fishy delights they had for me to choose from.

Looking over the menu I couldn’t see any starters available. That meant I was in for a main/dessert type of meal.



As the place was now called The Fish and The Chip it would be rather rude for me not to have fish and chips as a main.

I could see that they did the classic fish and chips and the special.

I asked my waiter what the difference between the both was and he said that the special was spiced.

I had no idea what this was going to be but why not venture out into the unknown.

And for a pound extra it wasn’t going to break the bank either.

The dessert was an easy choice to make. If there is a cheesecake on any menu the chance I will pick that is nearly 100%.

And the fact this cheese cake was a salted cameral and raspberry sealed the deal for me.


The service was super quick. It wasnt just me who thought that. My neighbours were quite atonished when their food came out in what appeared like minutes.

I could see their “Oh my gosh” faces and heard them mention the fast service.

Even though this was a new menu it looked like the team in the kitchen were working in unison to produce the food for us diners in light speed.

It might have been the music that helped them along like I mentioned in the last review. We had the likes of up beat jazz and rock to keep the energy up of the staff.

No house lounge in this restaurant anymore.

The fish and chips were served on a board which made a change from eating off a plate. It certainly adds to the meal and I think it is a good way of setting themselves apart from the pub food that we are all used to.

The fish was nicely cooked with a light batter that wasn’t drowned in oil. You had a good portion size as well.


Fish and Chips - The Fish And The Chip


You had the option to upgrade to a large fish but I think that would have been a big mistake for me as I had more than enough on my plate.

The spice on the fish was of the Indian variety. A bit of tumeric maybe, dash of garam masala. It was a bit strange at first, having these flavour on a battered fish which you expect to get from a chip shop.

But I think it is a good addition to the menu, offering a variety to those who would like something a little extra.

Now the tartar sauce that comes with the meal can always be a sore spot for me. It was good to see that it wasn’t packeted sauce, which of course I would not expect here at all.

I could tell this was homemade but just how good was it??


That tartar sauce babes!

It was spot on.

No crappy made stuff here. It was really fresh and contained the right amount of zang. Good enough that they should put it in a bottle and sell it over the counter.

Another thing that they had nailed was the mushy peas.

From the look of them I thought I was going to be disappointed as they looked a bit dull in colour. Like they had dried up sitting in their pot. But I was wooed over from the first taste.

The had a slight smoky edge and were moist. Nothing dry as a bone here.

And the finale. The chips.

For me, this is the most important component of a fish and chip dish.

It can be so easy to over look the chips and serve some frozen bag of crap chips that you means you can basically have the same meal at home for half the price.

From the outset I thought I was going to be disappointed.

On the menu, they are described as chunky chips but in reality they are a little more like just normal shaped chips.

But I was wrong.

They were cooked like my favourites.

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

I guess you really shouldn’t judge a book by a cover.

Top marks for this meal. Mr Maiyango has taken a British classic and turned it into a dish worthy in any fine restaurant.



As I was waiting for my dessert, I could see passer-bys double taking as they walked by.

You guessed it.

It was because of the whack off massive union jack on the front.

The service yet again was quick even though the restaurant was near full capacity.

This dessert was one that I was looking forward to.

I was interested in seeing how they put the flavourings together of the salted carrmeal and the raspberry and how they had balanced it out.


Raspberry and Salted Caramel Cheesecake - The Fish And The Chip


This cheesecake was a little spot of dessert made by the cheesecake gods themselves.

It had some token raspberries for the garnish and some sweet raspberry puree.

The salted caramel looked like it was etched into the top for the cheesecake. In my head I was thinking the flavours were going to be overpowered by the raspberry.

But it was ever so subtle so it allowed you to enjoy the flavour of the biscuit base and the salted caramel. I would even go as far to say that it may have been my favourite cheesecake ever.

I know right, those are big words to throw around but I was impressed.

Another set of top marks for this dish too.

Extremely Amazing Toilet Review

Last time I was in Hotel Maiyango the toilets were still being worked on.

This time there were fully decorated and raving to go.


Toilets - The Fish and The Chip


The deep blue colour that was the theme for what looked like all the wood items in the restaurant, was present on the floor of the toilet and the toilet door.

Being quite small, fitting just a toilet, a urinal and a sink, they were very humble and clean.

Where there was no blue, it was just sparkling white which only added to the cleanliness of the place.

Trip Advisor

With the new concept only being out a couple of days since this writing there are no trip advisor reviews of the new menu.

So I will leave you with this picture of some kittens.



Compared to my first visit the whole vibe of the place was completely different. The music, the colour and what they had on offer to choose to eat.

Some of the things that have stayed the same is the amazing service that you got which made you feel like you were the only diner in the place that they were seeing to and the quality of food, even though you may think it is only fish and chips, they are like godly level fish and chips

I am happy that I got the chance to experience the fining dining of Hotel Maiyango before they changed. But their new thing they are on to now, expect big things.

If you are in Leicester and see a big painted Union Jack on the front of the building, pop in and say hello and grab a meal as you will not be disappointed.

The Bill - The Fish And The Chip






Service – 8.5

Food – 8.5

Vaule – 8.5

Overall – 85%




Craig is very passionate about all things food. He has to keep highly active to prevent himself from all the food making a difference to his waist line. With his love for writing and sharing places for people to eat, Craig Eats Food was born to combine all of these elements. Craig would love to hear what your thoughts either via the comments or on social media.

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