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New Swad

Explore New Food At New Swad – Swadlincote

New Swad is a Bangladeshi restaurant and takeaway based in my hometown Swadlincote. Located near the Delph this restaurant at the time of this writing is the 5th best in Swadlincote on Trip Advisor. I have spoke to a few people as well who have said this is the best place for “an indian.”

Just to get across any ignorance or lack of knowledge. New Swad is a Bangladeshi restaurant or what us English people would probably refer to as a indian. To save any confusion I will refer to everything being indian even though I’m not being technically correct.

There isn’t much difference between the two cuisine so let’s save our brains any confusion because I’m sure half of swad refer to it as an indian (to be fair I have myself. ignorance!) including the man who was using the women toilet before I left.


Restaurant - New Swad


So it was an indian that I was off to enjoy. I had been to New Swad once before, when I didnt know what food was. Chicken Tikka Malasa was the only dish that I ate whilst my mate was digging into a vindaloo looking at me thinking what a pussy.

My time for the malasa is over. So the choice from the menu tonight was going to be something different.

I arrived at New Swad pretty much bang on opening. Upon walking in a was seen to a table for tonight’s meal. They were still turning on the lights and setting up, so I bet they were quite surprised when I turned up. I was like one of those people you see waiting outside the pub, before it isn’t open at like 10 in the morning but for me I am not a curry-hoclic.

I left them to get ready for the night so it was a few minutes before I menu was bought to me and the water that I asked for.


This is where I had no idea what was going on. With a lifelong unimaginative relationship with indian I have no idea what is what so it was pretty much look for something that sounds nice and go all in.

The Shami Kebab was my choice for my starter. Basically mince meat flavoured with herb and spices. There are a few other things on the menu I would have liked to try. I like to eat food but more than one starter would be really taking the biscuit.

The main was where I was having trouble. The majority of the dishes on the menu sounding really good and I would have been helping eating most of them. I think what caught my eye was the Chicken Shashlick Bhuna, with its chicken in tandoor with barbecued onions, tomatoes and green peppers.

I think the barbecued was what draw my eye but you will find out later there was much barbecued about them.



The main I ordered I had no order what it was. Was it something that I order rice and naan with? Did it come with sauce?

Abdouslety no idea.

I thought that I would forsake the naan and order myself some rice as i need something to eat it with. The lemon and chilli rice was what I went for. I don’t think I have ever seen this combo at an indian before so it had to be done.

I placed my order and waited for the food.


As I was sitting waiting for my food I wondered what happened to old swad. I don’t remember what the place use to be if it ever was something before it became a place for the finest Bangladeshi cuisine.

All small towns and village have become over ridden with Indians, Chinese and fish and chip shops for all of us to lazy to do any cooking ourselves.

With options to takeaway and a sizable restaurant section, will New Swad be able to stand apart from the other takeaway Indians that are located in Swadlincote. With it being one of the top Indian out there I was hoping for goodness.

It was long before the starter was with me.  The Shami Kebab was really tasty. It came with its little side salad that was pretty lack lustre. But I didnt come here for the salad and would a starter without side salad even be a starter?


Shami Kebab - New Swad


Alongside all of this I was given a massive portion of mint sauce to accompany my meal. It was a very large gravy boat which I didnt use even half of it but I guess it is better than having not enough.

The mincemeat that made up the Shami was a bright red in colour, showing that the spices had combined with the meat to give the ultimate marinade.

Each bite gave you a hint of spice that end the journey after each swallow with a hint of spice. If you end up like a snotty mess after a bit of spice in your meal you will be good with this dish.

You also got a very generous portion of the spiced mincemeat patties which did a good job of warming everything up of main.


Whist waiting for my main I felt that I was in some sort of indian mafia. A couple came in and to pay a deposit and the main man of the place knew him by name. He must have been a regular or must know the people out of work.

Another couple come in and the main man was giving out the handshake, Paul Hollywood style.

For myself, no handshake when I came in. That soggy bottom.

Im guessing due to me eating out all over the place, all the restaurant owners must be upset that im cheating them on others.


Chicken Shashlick Bhuna - New Swad


Once I’ve ate everything in the UK, I may think about settling down.

I felt that It was one of those places where if it was full, everyone would have turned and looked at me as I walked in.But with me being the only person eating at New Swad at the time I was spared the intimidation.

The two couples in fact knew each other as well as the main man. Am I just not a social being? Do I need to go out for Indian more to make friends.

Curry friends…

Before my main arrived I thought that it would be rude for me not to get a beer to go down with my… whatever it was that I had ordered. I knew that it must have some heat to it, if not my Shashlick then my lemon and chili would be able to do a number on me. (Which it did)

My food arrived and I found out that the Shashlick was not a curry. I was glad that I didn’t order a naan as dipping naan into barbecued onion isn’t really a thing.


Lemon and Chilli Rice - New Swad


On the subject of barbecued onion I was that impressed to be honest. It looked more grilled to my eyes. I did have the picture that at the back that have a disposable barbecue where they throw the onions and peppers on. So I don’t know what I was expecting to be honest.

Everything put together the Shahlikc was very nice. The chicken that came was real tender and have a coating of tandoor spice which was perky and fulsome. Not too much that it blew your face off.

That was the rice.

Im not sure what I was expecting with the rice really, seeing as it was lemon and chilli. Within the rice was little chopped up bits of lemon and chilli. Though the dish I could taste the lemon, as if it had fused with the rice but the heat of the chilli only came through when you got one on your folk.

They were pretty spicy.

I know. My tolerance for spice is beyond crap. Would I choose lemon and chilli rice in the future. Not for me. Pilau all the way baby.

Extreme and What Are You Doing Toilet Review

The toilets are located at the back of the restaurant. I think this is one of those moments where you should not judge a book by its cover.

The reason for this is that the door to the toilets like something that had been recovered from a scrap yard. Basis white door that looked like two pieces of wood smacked together.



Then the moment when you open the book and start reading and you are like “damn, glad I didnt skip pass this.”

The inside of the toilets were very well decorated. New Swad has spent some money making sure that the small amount for time (maybe not small unless you are one of those people) you spend in the toilets is as enjoyable as it can.

There is no slate colour tiles in these toilet unlike pretty much everywhere else I have been. Just nice bright marble effect tiles with a black tiled floor.


Toilet Selfie - New Swad


As I was taking a cheeky toilet selfie, I had someone trying the door. Had I locked it, I thought. Of course I had. Who doesn’t lock the door after them. I then heard someone using the toilet next to me.

I started thinking I worse there were only two toilets in New Swad. A male and a female. As I came out, I saw that the door to the ladies was still open. And in it was a man. Using it.

My thouhts were, even though im eating in New Swad. Im still in good old Swad.


Trip Advisor

New Swad is rated, at the time of writing, is number 6, being the best Indian in Swadlincote. Looking at the Trip Advisor there are hardly any negative reviews which is understandable due to the high rating on Trip Advisor.

Looking at some of the negative reviews there are hardly any in recent times. Most of the negative ones are from 2015 which doesnt really mean anything to me.

Looking at the rare negative reviews, someone did complain about not having a drinks menu which I did not see one for myself. Something that could be easily fixed by New Swad but nothing that really bothers me.

They mentioned that their starters were really small and that the rice came in a small saucer. Food portion for the dishes that I ordered where far more than generous so I think maybe the reviewer just had a big appetite.

Another review mentioned that one of the member of staff didnt listen when taking his order. I don’t know how he got his meal then if it was wrong but my food came as ordered.


My experience at New Swad was a positive one. Having not a lot of experience eating Indian food I don’t have much to compare it to. It wasn’t any amazing experience but it was certainly not terrible.

Good value for money, great service and generous portion, if you are looking for a indian in Swad you can’t really go wrong at New Swad.


Bill - New Swad




Service – 6.5

Food – 7

Value – 7.5

Overall – 70%

Telephone Number – 01282 550611




Craig is very passionate about all things food. He has to keep highly active to prevent himself from all the food making a difference to his waist line. With his love for writing and sharing places for people to eat, Craig Eats Food was born to combine all of these elements. Craig would love to hear what your thoughts either via the comments or on social media.

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