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Chocolate Show

I was invited down to the Chocolate Show in London to eat chocolate. I love chocolate. It’s the one weakness I have when it comes to trying to diet.

If only they made calorie free chocolate.

Until this day is upon us, it is all about moderation. I was not going to miss the chance to eat some chocolate made by some of the finest hands in the world.

There were a lot of things to see and do at the Olympia hosted event. They had lots of guest speakers, chances for you to taste some of the finest chocolate on planet earth, chocolate art (I know right, I also didn’t know this was a thing) and, as you would expect, lots of places to buy chocolate to take home and enjoy.

Below is the tale, in photos, of the Chocolate Show.



The tale began at the Olympia in London. It was a good trip down with barely any traffic, which is always a bonus. I paid for car parking at the Olympia due to ease. It costed a fair bit. You should avoid!


Crowd - The Chocolate Show

You can see that there were lots of other chocolate lovers like me who came to The Chocolate Show to find some chocolate that will stop their cravings.


Cocoa Beans - The Chocolate Show

No, these aren’t gone off bananas. These are cocoa beans. You can buy them to make your own chocolate, but I have no idea how you would do that. Rather leave that to the experts.


Chocolate - The Chocolate Show

“Can I have some chocolate please?” the woman at the front said. Of course you can, we have loads! Look at all the chocolate kebabs. Get your teeth into them!



Chocolate Record - The Chocolate Show

“Rhythm is a dancer, it’s a soul companion, you can eat chocolate everywhere.” Not quite what was playing but yes, that is what you think it is. A chocolate vinyl. And it did play. Sounded like ass. But still cool.


Chocolate Shoes - The Chocolate Show

Yes there are indeed shoes made of chocolate. You tell me what use they are. Imagine going clubbing in them. You would be leaving puddles of chocolate everywhere you go. Not so practical, maybe just for eating.


Chocolate Man - The Chocolate Show

That is a lot of chocolate. And it’s in the shape of Michelango’s David. That is talent. I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I would have kept eating him. You would have seen bites marks on his head if it was my display.


Art - The Chocolate Show

I have no idea what this is? But it looks good enough to eat. And it is! More art made from chocolate. Who even thinks these things up!



Chocolate Dress - The Chocolate Show

Now this is getting ridiculous. Chocolate shoes are one thing but a dress! You would basically be naked in an hour if you were wearing it. Super talented to create something like this but I can’t see this coming to a primark near you any time soon.

Tools - The Chocolate Show

No, this isn’t a picture of a hardware store. This is crafted chocolate tools and other things. They look so real, apart from the fact they are chocolate coloured.


Biscuits - The Chocolate Show

These aren’t chocolate!? …who cares. Give me 5!


My chocolates. How could I not go to a chocolate show without buying some myself. There were some funky flavours, some of which should never have been created in my opinion. Brie covered chocolate. Why is this even a thing.


Overall the Chocolate Show is perfect for all chocolate lovers and I am very grateful for my invite there. If you missed out, remember there is always next year.



Craig is very passionate about all things food. He has to keep highly active to prevent himself from all the food making a difference to his waist line. With his love for writing and sharing places for people to eat, Craig Eats Food was born to combine all of these elements. Craig would love to hear what your thoughts either via the comments or on social media.

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