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Peanut Butter Oat Bites - All Things Baked

I like to call myself a chef. I can cook food and it comes out tasting ok. That classes you as a chef, right? In the last couple of months I have been trying to up my chefing game and it’s coming along ok.

My baking game. My god. Not so good. In my living memory I have barely baked anything. Not even a cake!

One of my earliest memories of being introduced into baking was making some cookies from a kids book. The measurement were all in cups. As a youngster I had failed to grasp that this didn’t mean actual cups…

They came out quite nice despite messing the recipe up. But they must have had something like 12 cups of sugar in them. Im sure my mother wasn’t too happy. After eating a couple, I was bouncing off the walls. Who needs blue smarties eh.


Ingredients - All Things Baked


This is where a company called All Things Baked comes in. With them being kind souls, they sent me a complimentary box to get myself back into baking.

What with The Great British Baked Off being back on our TV’s (I’m sad to say this is the first time that I’m watching it. I know right, what have I been doing with my life) it was time to see what I was capable of.

When people tell me that they have trouble cooking it always surprises me. This is a common converstion that might happen.

Them: “Im having trouble cooking. It’s so hard”

Me: “Oh right. Are you cooking from a recipe.”

Them: “Yeah I am. I just can’t make it taste nice”

Me: “And are you following the instructions, step by step?”

Them: “Yeah. It is just too hard”

Me: “Are you reading them correctly? You can read, right?”

Them: “Yeah I am. Cooking is so hard!”

If you have trouble following instructions, then I can understand why you might struggle. Anyone else. What is your life?

Baking though, I feel is totally different. When it comes to flour, baking powder, eggs, milk and all that other stuff, it has a mind of it’s own. You think you’re doing well and boom. Soggy bottom. But you followed the instructions!!

Another world.

Thankfully All Things Baked provide you with all you need to up your baking game. It comes with all the ingredients you need and easy to follow recipes which will have you producing baked goods even if you have no experience at all.

The baked goods I had to make this week were some Peanut Butter Oat Bites. They are made up from oats, honey, milk, peanut butter, chocolate and a dried fruit combo.

It was pretty much as easy as mixing all your dry ingredients together, melting the peanut butter, adding the honey, giving it a good mix and whacking them in the oven.

As simple as that.

And they tasted delicious!


Peanut Butter Oat Bites - All Things Baked


Like other boxes that you can receive monthly, All Things Baked deliver everything you need straight to your door. All the inspiration you need to make some yummy recipes.

I think sometimes with the vastness of the internet, you are spolit for choice. So much so, you get mind freeze and just decide to not do anything.

With All Things Baked, you get the ingredients and the recipe or instructions as I like to call it, delivered to your door.

This is great for a Sunday afternoon, where you and your loved one or maybe your children can jump into the kitchen and make some yummy treats for the week.

If you are looking for an easy way to improve you baking skills I highly recommend signing up.

Check out the All Things Baked website for their reasonable pricing.


*The kind people at All Things Baked gave me one a complimentary box for me to review. All thoughts and words are my own*



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