My Visits

My Visits

If you are an owner of a restaurant or a manager at an eating establishment then let me know and I can schedule a date for me to come and try your food and write a review. There are two ways you can do this.


From Me

Every week I will visit somewhere new. If you would like me to come and review your restaurant then head over to the Contact Me page and I will add you to the list of places I am to visit.

These visits are paid out of my own money and are totally unannounced, so I can experience your true food experience.


From You 

Do you want a visit sooner? I am happy to come and review your establishment if you are willing to cover the cost of food and drink for the visit. Usually, it would be just myself who would be visiting but sometimes I may have a guest. A pre-arranged budget would be agreed before I arrived.

Head over to my Contact Me page to get in touch.




All the words in my reviews are my own views and are brutally honest. If my experience at your restaurant is below standards a review will not be posted at all and I will get in touch with my feedback.