The Story

About me

Hello I’m Craig Dennis

The beginning of my love for food did not start when i was young. From a young age I was a fussy eater, opting for a fish finger sandwich any time of the day. I remember being the sort of person that would think food was horrible before even tasting it.

I feel like this was a good thing because it meant as I grew older I had more food for me to taste. And it really let me be able to appreciate them. I remember that it wasn’t until i was 19 that i tried my first steak! [and it was delicious].

Since then I have became more adventurous, trying different foods and eating different cuisines from Japanese to Indian, to good old pub food.

With a love of food, naturally a love of cooking became a side hobby of mine. I am not at the levels of a master chef but I can rustle up some good tasting food.

All of this has lead me to the creation of this website.

Craig Eats Food lets me do two of the things that i love the most;

Eat and Write.

Craig Eats Food is a website to guide you to places that you may have never known existed or to lead you away from restaurants that you should never go. EVER!

I hope you find are you looking for.


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